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The story of “the Gools” animation

The story of “the Goolsanimation is a rewriting of an ancient legend of the Orient that has been created in an attractive atmosphere for children and animators. Over the past four years, the experience of working with professional people around the world has given us sweet memories, and we are confident that at the time of “The Gools“, our big team will take pleasure in receiving feedback from its audience.


Once upon a time, there was a fanciful forest with cute animals which live all together under the shadow of a truce between preys and predators which protect the animal rights especially weak ones against bullies. The animals called the ceasefire after the long bloody series of battles during of calm-days. The Dojo masters training the weak animals to be stronger and improve their Abilities for self-defense through discovering intrinsic capabilities. On the other hand, there was a Ninja warrior named “The Red Shadow” who tries to protect the truce protocols stealthy. The Red Shadow was wearing the special long red costume with a mask to hide its identity; nobody knows who it is. On the Other hand the wolf (Don Lupo) who is exhausted by vegetarian recipes decided to find a legal detour to hunt some little goats without breaking the truce and the red shadow reaction.

Our story begins from the first day of the Dojo school when little animals join. Among them there were three baby goats named; Shangool, Mangool and Habbe angool, started their journey to Be Ninja and protect the peace. But nobody knows what would happen in their adventurous journey, everything was calm, as calm as its get but it was only the calm before the storm.

Meet the Characters

Habbe “The Sweetest one”

Mysterious little cutie, he’s the little brother of Shangool & Mangool. He is not talking, and all he does is sucking on his pacifier. He knows some useful martial art technique, but we don’t see how he learned it. He does have a series of pacifiers that he uses them as a weapon.


Mangool “Don’t talk to strangers”

She is a cold, bitter, dry geek,” Shangool said. But we don’t agree with him. Mangool is a well-dressed, conservative, smart girl who cares about her family and friends; she loves to study, maybe she is a little bit dry and disagrees with whatever Shangool is doing and saying. She thinks he is just a stupid little boy who needs to be controlled. She may need a little adventure to change her view of life.


Shangool “Can we bring weapons?”

He is a fearless kiddo, on the other hand, he can’t Realize and understand the concept of fear. He is always in an endless argument with his sister Mangool. Shangool is thirsty for adventure, martial arts, and new things. He is a hyper kid, and you can hardly find him resting even for a minute. The bragging is one of his bold manners if he is saying “I just have fight with a dragon size snake” you should know it’s just one of his dreams but as Clint Eastwood said: “Beware of your dreams they may come true.”

Gools - Shangool

Nazbozi “Stay away from my children”

If you want to describe her in one word that word is: “MOTHER.” When it comes to her family, she is extremely protective of her children, and she does whatever it takes to keep them away from any harm. She is a caring woman who really cares about others.


Fantastic animation "The Gools" 2019

The story of “the Gools” animation is a rewriting of an ancient legend of the Orient that has been created in an attractive atmosphere for children and animators.

Shakhtala “Goodness what do chickens eat?”

He is a good guy but being just good is not sufficient. Like any father, he loves his children, but he is a traditional dad who doesn’t spend that much time with his children.


Don Lupo “What the melodrama”

The Wolf,” other animals call him “Don Lupo” as a gesture of respect and some as fear, In Italian “Lupo” means “wolf.” He had a complicated life his extremely ambitious, smart and strong. He lost his parents when he was a child and rose by the wolf pack, some rumors said he destroyed the pack when he reached puberty, but no one knows what really happened back then, he lost “The Great War” between the praise and predators and forced to sign the “No Hunting Agreement” between two sides, everyone in his gang forget “The Great War” but not Don Lupo. Since then he is living in kind of identity crises and tries to fill  his needs as a dominated predator by toying around his hamster, he is a bloodthirsty hunter, and it’s intolerable for him  to eat vegetables and live like a ship. After years go by he cannot live this way anymore and starts looking for a way to break the agreement, Don Lupo wants some fresh meat, and he will not take “No” for an answer.


In designing the Don Lupo, we needed a character to have power, dignity, grandeur and athlete form and capability to show this personage. A vast and powerful godfather who other characters couldn’t stand him. Other animals like bear, lion, tiger, and leopard were tried for designing Don Lupo, and all of them were conceptually tested, but the wolf was the final choice which was suitable for the job.

Don Lupo - gools animation

Master One horn “Believe in yourself”

You may ask why he is called One Horn. So apparently, because he has only one horn, duh!!! Some rumors say one day he went out with his fiancé which also was his student and returned with a broken horn. Which student? Guess yourself. No one knows what exactly happened to that fractured horn, he never tells anyone, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. With sleepy eyes, kind face and a little chubby he is nothing like a martial arts master but if things get real, he will surprise you with his agility, balance, and power. He is a man of experience, he has seen upside down of the life and it seems that nothing will make him worry.

Master One horn “Believe in yourself”

Master One Leg “Right is the other side master”

You may wonder why he is called One Leg. Although he has two legs, weirdly, all his ancestor had one leg which means they all lost one of their legs on the battlefield or fight, except him! He always stands on one leg in the fight to show off, he acts like a humiliated person but he is not at all, he is fast and talkative with a short temper, he is a martial art master but he is kind of junior in mastership, and still in learning progress and in the endless challenge and rivalry with master One Horn, he claims that he is a much better martial arts master than master One Horn, but deep down he knows he is not. Behind that angry, furious face there is a soft loving heart.

A monkey was the first choice to characterize Master One Leg. Massive works and too many sketches were done. But we needed to show the bond between prayers and predators, a combination of them for two Masters.

Because of the agility and nimble nature of bobcat, it’s been chosen for Master One Leg’s personage. This animal naturally has a sweet & cute face for the design team to show his facial expression. So the bobcat became the second martial art master.

Master One Leg “Right is the other side master”

Chef Hee Wak Yoo “Bring me anything… anything”

The Chinese chef who has an extremely short temper and almost have cooked anything. He had an adventurous life, and he has been all around the world, but there is only one place that he always comes back to, Don Lupo’s lair, and serving Don Lupo. He truly loves and respects Don Lupo, and he is totally faithful to him. Because in his time of trouble Don Lupo saved him from Macau’s mob and saved his life, in Chinese culture when someone has saved your life, it means your life belongs to him. He is an excellent warrior, expert chef, and skillful dance teacher although he is unbelievably impatient, rough and always mad and furious about anything. He does not care about anyone and does not obey anyone but the one and only Don Lupo. The chef H.W.Y is the smallest, shortest and lightest weighed character in our story but he is also the most fearless, experienced and always looking for trouble one too. If you faced him, don’t think “what a cute little mouse” with yourself, just run away because he may cook you, I mean he definitely will.

The Mice gang has their differences -in size contrast and facial-which make them fun to watch. The chef and his two dumb helpers are working and living in the big Don Lupo’s kitchen, and we tried to show the helpers dumbness in their faces and their looks. We need to pay more attention to details because of their tools and their sizes like knife, pots, and pans which they are working with.

Chef Hee Wak Yoo “Bring me anything… anything”

The Big Hungry One “I’m the best”

The big, the hungry, the one she is the “Big Hungry One” but she is not big or hungry or neither the one. The attentiveness  is the first thing comes to mind when you first see this gorgeous ermine; she comes from the French family, She is beautiful, deadly and dangerous with two different eye color one violet and other one green. If you want to describe her in one word, she is the absolute “Trouble Maker.” She is an athlete, smart, fast; she is not killing because of the hunger, she murders because of the sport, whatever you do just don’t trust her.

Before BHO we have tested lots of animals like Fox, Raccoon, and Penguin… But none of them gave us what we want, and they weren’t good enough. Once we were watching a documentary by accident on YouTube and see an ermine, which was so close to what we want; beautiful, attractive, graceful, unpredictable and deadly. She only needed to be humanized a little bit by our designing team.

The Big Hungry One “I’m the best”

Gamboo “I never want those days to return”

Gamboo is another one of the Don Lupo’s gangs, a total moron which his fundamental problem is; he thinks he is smart but he is not, that’s why he always gets into trouble. He still tries to use his maximum intelligence, but his amount of maximum is not that much. So clumsy, goofy and almost can’t do anything right. But if you have an impossible mission to do, he is the one to call, Heck no! I was just kidding whatever you do, don’t only rely on him, he will definitely let you down.

The Skinny “It’s just a scarecrow, you’re not crow”

He is one of the Don Lupo’s gangs, conservative and flattery he watches his behavior around Don Lupo but Gamboo always flips him off with his stupidity.

Thanks to his thinness and tallness and being carnivorous, Panther was a proper choice for what we wanted; we don’t want him to be dumb so that he can boss around the Gamboo character.

Gamboo “I never want those days to return”

Dingane “Pull It Up”

He never talks, he has a solid, funny face. The gorilla has only one job to do; pulling up the elevator in Don Lupo’s lair and genuinely cares about doors, Chef He Wak Yoo brought him from one of his journeys from Africa, unlike his big body don’t count on him if you need him in the fight.

Dingane - gools characters

Bunny Bob “This… is… Rabittaa”

The only thing that excites him is a carrot. He is a timid little boy who hates to leave his comfort zone, but he has faced lots of dangerous and surprising incidents which were more than he could handle. He has no plan for his life, but life has a surprise for him.

Bunny Mom “That’s a lots saving”

Bunny Bob’s mother who cares about his son’s future because she believes Bob is wasting his life energy, she is a talkative attractive woman and a little bit stingy and always talking to herself.

Because of her cool motherly material character, it wasn’t that hard and challenging to design her. We almost reached the result pretty soon. This mother material character vs. Bunny Bob’s endless naughtiness express the pretty good funny combination for the audience. On the other hand, we tried to show Bunny Bob naughty and playful as much as possible.

gools-bunny bob

Albino “Stay away from my friends”

A person or animal is having a congenital absence of pigment in the skin and hair which is white called “Albino.” But it’s not his disease; Albino is his name although he introduces himself as “Albeeno,” he has low self-esteem and almost has no friends, but he is so kind and sympathetic and also loves learning The martial arts but his physics and his laziness always stop him from any tough activities. He is easy to bully around because he cannot defend himself, just imagine what if he pops-up from “Rock of Death.”

Unfortunately, he thinks if he remains kind to the life, the life will be kind to him in return too.

Based on the descriptions given by the scriptwriters, Albino, is supposed to be pale and white. Facing the challenge of emotionless & cold nature of a white and pale character as well as the non-photogenic form of hippo’s face and his slack mouth which is too wide from ear to ear. The mouth is made much smaller and more humanized by conceptual designers, to make him more cute & attractive. Albino is a character with low self-esteem so his shoulder is dropped and his facial expression shows his personage clearly, especially his eyebrows and his eyes.

The Hyenas “Let’s double the fun”

Three mean bullies, they almost do nothing except making fun of other students and say mean things although they are excellent athlete and seniors at the Dojo.

The Hyenas has been chosen for this role because of their nature and their capabilities to be disliked and not to be a hero and in confront of a stronger animal they are timid. Also, they need to be three different characters, in personality, body shape, face, and behaviors. One short and dumb, one tall and strong and another one so-called the smart boss. In the primary point, we wanted them to feel like a gang and bunch of bullies.

Albino “Stay away from my friends”

Available for worldwide sales

” The Gools” is a $20M budget feature animation movie and now is available for worldwide sales.
Please let me know if you get interested and want to step forward with script and previews.
Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you during Berlin Film Market.

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